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Control and Manage Access to Your Home or Facility

At SDS Security, we design and install professional access control solutions that safeguard Dallas/Fort Worth homeowners, residential buildings and businesses of all sizes. An access control system creates a secure environment for family members, residents, students, or employees, enabling them to get where they need to go at the right time, while preventing unauthorized intruders from entering. All of our professional access control solutions are designed to maximize safety, user convenience, and workflow optimization.

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Access Control Benefits

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Investing in access control technology is one of the most reliable ways to protect your people, buildings and assets. A custom designed access control system from SDS Security provides important benefits for any size facility, including:

  • Safe work environment for employees, visitors and contractors

  • 24/7/365 security for apartment building or dormitory residents

  • Protection of high security areas, sensitive data, networks and equipment

  • Safe and reliable building egress in the event of an emergency

  • Scalable infrastructure that can grow according to your security needs

Access Control Features

Beyond creating a safe environment, access control systems provide your security team with scalability, flexibility, and actionable data via a host of powerful features, including:

  • Simple administration via iOS and Android mobile devices

  • Easy permissions, card, cardholder and door lock schedule management

  • Customizable activity/exception reporting

  • System health monitoring and alerts

  • Unlimited door licensing

  • Integration with video surveillance systems, HR databases and more

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We help you find the access control solution that enables you to control and manage physical access to your business—to protect your property, employees, and your assets. Whether you need an access control products to secure a single door, or hundreds of doors, SDS Security can provide the best solution for your location. We offer door access control equipment, card readers, access management software and all of the accessories needed to secure multiple entryways and exits at your business.

We can design surveillance camera system that’s right for your location, determine the best locations for security cameras, and install and configure everything for you—so your security solution is optimized and ready-to-go.



  • 24/7 Access Management - Look for an access control system that provides basic security features such as real-time card management and 24/7 monitoring. Ensure the system will limit access during business hours or after hours.

  • Simple Administration – A good access control solution offers simple and convenient administrative management of employee credentials, status, and access rights, along with card status and replacement.

  • Activity Reporting – Select a door access control product that provides an activity log with access history, data backup, along with in-depth reporting capabilities of activity at all access points.

  • Remote and Mobile Access – Choose an access control solution that offers remote access and enables you to view your system’s history and log via web browser or mobile device—from anywhere!


  • Eliminates Unauthorized Access – Unauthorized access gained through unsecured entry points puts your employees at risk of physical harm, and your assets and inventory at risk of theft.

  • Improves Employee Safety and Productivity – Door access control solutions enable you to track employee whereabouts, monitor productivity, pinpoint unauthorized entry, and enhance both employee and facility safety.

  • Enhances Security for Sensitive Areas – Installing access control at key entry points to sensitive areas of your business operations (such as labs, server rooms, records rooms, cash offices, and product development areas) during the day, and after hours.

  • Provides Convenient Access Management – With access control, you can easily manage administration for all employees, systems, and access points throughout your facility.

  • Provides Flexible Scalability – An IP-based access control solution provides the flexibility to add more doors to your network, as your security and business needs grow.

  • Supports Installations of Every Size – Whether you need to secure a few doors at a single location, or hundreds of doors, at multiple locations—an effective access control product is designed support businesses, banks, schools, hospitals, and industrial facilities of every size.


Choosing an access control solution that offers the features and capabilities that best meet your needs is essential for effective access management and security.

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