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Education & Daycare Centers

Education & Day Care Security

Trusted to protect what matters most

Schools, universities & day cares have grown increasingly dependent on video surveillance to deter theft, and protect students, children, faculty, and personnel. With advances in technology, video systems that were once solely intended to provide for security and risk management are now much more capable and have a far greater impact to the overall campus experience.

SDS Security education security systems provide intelligent visual integration with existing systems to address concerns that are faced by educational institutions of every size and at all levels.




At SDS Security, we understand that safe and nurturing environments are the necessary foundation for education. We provide innovative security solutions that secure public and private buildings, improve overall safety and protect students, educators and the public.

Layered Security:

The most effective plan will combine multiple layers of security


  • Perimeter Security Video surveillance around the perimeter of the school can act as both deterrent and early detection.

  • Access Control Restricted access to designated areas can ensure that intruders can never reach critical areas of the school buildings.

  • Training and Drills Students, faculty and staff are the last line of defense. Training and unannounced drills practiced at least annually build confidence and reassure students that safety is being taken seriously by the school.


Use SDS Security Education Security Systems to:


  • Promote General Safety Improve security for your students, staff, and campus personnel.

  • Enhance Student Experience Reduce crowding, improve parking, and use video as an educational/training tool.

  • Reduce Theft and Vandalism Deter and/or prevent internal and external theft, decrease vandalism.

  • Improve Display Effectiveness Analyze and improve effectiveness of signage and informational displays.

  • Mitigate Campus Risk Reduce likelihood and cost of defending fraudulent claims and lawsuits.

  • Improve Operational Consistency Monitor and maintain system-wide operational standards.


Additionally, our education solutions enable you to:


  • Improve Management Efficiencies Reduce time spent investigating suspect incidents, produce detailed exception reporting, linked to video evidence.

  • Improve Operational Consistency Monitor and maintain system-wide operational standards.


SDS Security Education Security Systems are ideal for:


  • Colleges and universities

  • Primary and secondary schools

  • Training centers

  • Vocational centers

  • Day care facilities


Add high definition video surveillance in Fort Worth, TX to your daycare center to increase safety and security

  • Protect children, staff and parents in Fort Worth, TX

  • Monitor entrances, exits, classrooms and play areas

  • Monitor vehicles entering and exiting the property

  • Keep a 24/7 watch on kids and caregivers

  • Prevent liability and false claims


Our HD video surveillance technology in Fort Worth, TX includes powerful features to protect daycare centers


ALIBI® Megapixel Security Cameras

  • Produce high resolution HD video with excellent clarity

  • Ensure law enforcement professionals in Fort Worth, TX can clearly identify perpetrators of theft or vandalism

  • Long-range IR technology sees up to 260' in the dark

  • Weatherproof with -40° F to 140° F operating temperature range


Security Video Recorders

  • Specially designed for 24/7 surveillance in Fort Worth, TX

  • Tamper proof and dust proof

  • Support from 2 to 32 video security cameras

  • H.264 compression reduces bandwidth consumption and video storage requirements


Video Analytics

  • Intrusion detection, line crossing, face detection

  • Object counting, region entrance/exiting, heat mapping, tamper detection


Mobile App

  • Free app enables you to view live and recorded security video, with digital zoom

  • iOS and Android compatible

  • View up to 4 security cameras at once on your smartphone and up to 16 on your tablet


Centralized Management Software (CMS)

  • Manage multiple security cameras, at multiple locations, from a single interface

  • Smart search, calendar search, video tagging, instant replay, two-way audio and more


Professional Security System Design

  • Licensed installers

  • Your video security system is customized for your daycare center’s needs

  • Security cameras are selected for resolution, focal distance, field of view, panorama and other features specific to your application

  • Local maintenance and ongoing support

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