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Touch Screen Panel

The main hub that links burglary and environmental sensors and communicates with the monitoring station.

Burglary and Intrusion Sensors

Door, window, motion, and glass break detectors designed to monitor and protect your home.


Know if anyone drops by unannounced, whether they're neighbors or intruders.

Environmental Sensors

Safeguard your home against fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, and indoor leaks and floods.

Remotes and Medical Alerts

Convenient ways to instantly contact authorities, or arm and disarm your system.

Monitored 24/7 by Professionals

No phone line needed, wireless so no damage to your property

No long term contracts and 24/7 customer support

You can add gadgets that further enhance safety, save energy and automate your home

Easy to use from the panel or anywhere from your smartphone

Get up to 20% discount on your home/renter's insurance with a monitored system

Cut your costs, NOT your walls!


Check out how it works!

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