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Updated: Sep 22, 2021

A good security system in Dallas/Fort Worth makes all the difference between a good night's sleep and a restless one. How many people understand how to optimize their surveillance system entirely? Only setting the system up is not enough. You need to do it right.

1. Cover the Right Areas

Especially when you have just moved into a new house or business location, don't just take over without confirming whether the cameras are functional, and facing the right side.

Suppose you have installed the system in your Fort Worth business, wouldn't you'd want to have the cameras pointing at the cash register, your office, entrances, and exits, etc.? Likewise to your home, have the cameras covering the prime areas and regularly check to make sure this is still the case.

2. Optimize Frame Rates and Resolutions

Frames per second (FPS) and resolution are what contribute towards the clarity of a camera footage as well as the disc space taken up by the recording.

An ideal situation is whereby you have a video of superior clarity while still having most of it on the hard drive before it requires recycling. Otherwise, what would be the use of having a surveillance system in Dallas/Fort Worth when hardly any of it can be stored on the drive before it gets recorded over?

Invest in a system that guarantees high resolution, high frame rates and one that comes it a high-capacity DVR as well.

3. Install the right Video Surveillance System

Which Type Of Security System Is Right For Your Fort Worth Business? There are two parts to any surveillance system: the camera and the receiver into which the footage shall be taped. As far as cameras go, the options available are:

Night Vision/Infrared Cameras - Ideal for securing the outdoor of your home or business space. Can work even in adverse lighting conditions.

Dome Cameras - Ideal for indoor spaces and have the added advantage or providing 360° visibility.

Outdoor/Bullet Cameras - used for securing outdoor spaces such as parking lots and warehouses. They come in a sturdy casing so as to withstand harsh elements.

Network/IP Cameras - meant for interior spaces and work by providing live feeds through an internet-enabled device.

4. Remote Smartphone Access

With remote access via your tablet or phone, you can have your surveillance system literally at your fingertips. Gone are the days when you constantly had to be physically present in Dallas/Fort Worth for everything. With broadband internet, you can watch over your family when you are miles away. The same applies to your business in that you can ensure all employees are present and working right from your mobile phone even when you are physically miles away.

5. Routine Check-Ups

This may sound rather obvious, but you may be surprised at just how many people rarely check whether their cameras are still in good working condition. Perhaps the system has been fried during a power surge, or the cameras have even been vandalized; how are you to know if you don't check on them regularly?

Anyone can install a security system in their home or business in Dallas/Fort Worth but not many take the time to optimize that system and making sure they are getting the best deal out of it. With the above tips though, you ought to be better informed.



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