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Adding/Changing Codes in 2GIG

You can add or change user codes on a 2GIG by accessing the User Management Menu. You will need to provide the existing Master Code for the system in order to access this menu. A maximum of up to 64 different user codes can be added to a 2GIG GC2e Security System.

Please note that the Master Code is hardwired to User Code Slot 1. It cannot be deleted, only changed. User Code Slot 8 is for the duress user. That code should only be used in emergencies.

Complete the following steps to add or change user codes on a 2GIG GC2e:

1. Access User Management Menu. Start from the main screen of the GC2e. Choose Security > Menu > Toolbox. Enter the Master Code you set up. Then select User Management. You are now in the User Management Menu.

2. Add a new user. If you want to add a new user, click on an open user slot. You will know that a user slot is open because it will have a person with a + sign next to them, with the text "Add User". You can use the up and down arrows on the right side of the screen to scroll between different user slots.

After selecting the open user slot, you will be taken to a screen where you can set the user code. This is usually a 4-digit code, though 2GIG GC2e System Firmware 1.23 added the ability to create 6-digit codes. After entering the desired code, press the OK button to finish. You will then be asked to confirm the code. Enter the same code. You will get confirmation that the process was successful.

You can then set whether you want the system to always acknowledge the code, never acknowledge the code, or only acknowledge the code at certain times of the day based on a set schedule. If you choose to have the code only work at certain times of the day, then you must set the schedule. Press the Back button in the bottom-left to finish.

3. Changing a user code. If you want to change an existing user code, click on the user slot you want to change. You will be taken to the user code edit screen. You can choose change pin to edit the code, or you can choose when the system should recognize the code. If you want to delete the code, choose the Delete option in the bottom-right.

Please call our office if you have any further questions!



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