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AMAZON Key for Business

We have partnered with Amazon to install Key for Business to add convenient, authorized entry to your apartment lobby or package room.

Key for Business connects with a smart fob to let building owners and managers give controlled access to delivery drivers.

Easier operations.

No more buzzing in delivery drivers or bringing in packages. You'll spend less time managing your residents' deliveries and more time keeping them happy.

Smart and secure.

Multi-factor authentication ensure delivery drivers only gain building access when they're delivering an Amazon package.

Greater control.

You'll control and track delivery drivers' access to your community using current building access system. You can also set delivery windows and grant access to select entry points.

We install a smart fob that connects with your building's existing access system and the Amazon delivery app. And the best part? This is all at no cost to you!

Give us a call at (972) 612-0938 to get more information and check out the Key for Business page at Amazon for more details!



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