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Security for both the home and the workplace in Dallas/Fort Worth has always been an issue for people. Commercial security is more important than ever for workplaces unoccupied for longer periods. The proliferation of Work From Home policies takes effect.

However, for all the concern about security in Dallas/Fort Worth, new technologies are always being refined and developed that make things more secure than ever. One of those technologies providing more flexibility and conveniences is biometric security.

What Is Biometric Security?

Biometric security is a specific idea in the security industry that uses a person’s unique characteristics to authenticate and authorization. In a traditional, analog, old fashioned locked door, for example, the authentication that confirms someone is supposed to be granted access to an area is having a key. In theory, if a person has a key, that must mean they are allowed into that area. Of course, keys can be stolen, or, in the case of angry, terminated employees, duplicated before being turned in.

Biometric security, on the other hand, uses biological elements of an individual as the authorizing variable. This can mean fingerprints, retinal scans, voice analysis, or full facial scans.

More Secure

As a result, biometric security measures for access control mean that typical criminals have a challenging time breaking into a facility. If keys are no longer used, or even keycards, there is no way an entry can be stolen or forged.

This means that only a high level of financial investment, technological sophistication, or, in the worst-case scenarios, actual coercion of specific individuals can be used to gain entry into an area. Most criminals do not have the infrastructure available to duplicate footprints or create a voice record accurate enough to fool a biometric lock.

More Convenience

One of the best things about biometric access control security is the added convenience for everyone. For example, a commercial or industrial property where you’d like people to access different building areas based on authorization would require many separate keys for an old fashioned door and lock system. With biometrics, however, the same fingerprint, voice, or retinal scan can authorize entry in some parts, but not others.

This also means that it only requires deleting that person’s biometrics from the system to bar entry if someone is terminated. No longer does a company have to change all the locks and issue new keys to everyone if someone is dismissed by steals a key. Biometric systems also track the time and identity of people using the system. Suppose someone enters the property at two in the morning on the weekend. In that case, biometric systems record when that entry occurred and record who’s biometrics were used. This makes it much easier to track both authorized and unauthorized employee traffic and activity within a building.

If you’d like to know more about biometric security measures here in Dallas/Fort Worth, contact us. We can show you which options work best for your needs.



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Biometrics can record the physical identity and restrict the entry of strangers. So, you can bet on those locks and without any stress ask a locksmith to install it.

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