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COVID-19 Response

With over 30 years of experience, SDS Security Inc has provided continuous security services through a variety of man-made and natural disasters, and it is our intention to continue to do so through the rapidly evolving Corona-virus (COVID-19).

We are monitoring the developments of the COVID-19 virus and our top priority at this time is taking care of our employees so they can continue serving you as needed. We understand that you may need to cancel service calls during this time frame but please know that if you need service to your system, our company has taken the appropriate steps to implement up-front prevention and mitigation efforts to continue to provide service to our customers.

· Increased and more frequent cleaning and sanitizing of all company facilities, especially common areas, using Clorox wipes.

· Technicians will be wearing single use gloves for each service call.

· We are providing guidance and ongoing communication to all team members on proper risk mitigation practices including following CDC-approved hand hygiene, and operating at safe distances.

· We are encouraging employees to practice social distancing

· We have implemented temporary suspension of participation in all industry gatherings or events to mitigate exposure

· We are identifying non-essential positions for remote work from home options to reduce exposure

Currently our monitoring station is maintaining service quality levels and has not been forced to modify any non-essential signal or alarm notification procedure. Should the need arise to change our dispatch procedures they will activate IVR automated notifications for lower priorities signals notification calls. This means you will receive a call from an automation system to inform you of AC Fails, Low Battery, Trouble Signals, etc that communication from your alarm system.

Please make sure to let us know if you have any changes to your businesses Open/Close schedule, contact list, or if you are going out of town so we can notify the monitoring center. This will help us respond timely and appropriately to signals coming in from your alarm system.

We are grateful for your loyalty and appreciate the privilege of being able to provide security for you during this difficult time. Please stay safe and let us know if there is anything you need.

We appreciate your business!

Sincerely, Steve Schmitz


If you are a business owner, please note that the recent declaration of a national emergency has made funds immediately available to small businesses like ours. Even if you feel you are find today, we strongly encourage you to review the link below to make sure you have the information you need regarding resources that are available to you and your business.


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