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A home security system can include access control systems like electronic locks, surveillance systems with exterior and interior cameras, and alarm systems that monitor things like doors, windows, smoke, and carbon monoxide levels.  These security features can catch criminals who break into your home, but they can also prevent crimes and deter criminals from even targeting your home in the first place.  According to scientific surveys like one conducted by the University of North Carolina, 60 percent of professional burglars look for other targets when they see a security system in place.

The Price Of A Burglary

The overall number of burglaries and violent crimes has been trending down in Dallas/Fort Worth for many years, but the threat of a break-in is still very much alive.  According to FBI statistics, over 1.6 million burglaries took place throughout the United States in 2015 alone.  The average cost of burglary, including property, was stolen and windows and doors damaged, was $2,316.  That’s a significant number to most American households, and higher-income homes are more likely to suffer bigger losses.

An Alarm Can Help

When you buy a security system, the company that installs it will give you stickers you can place on windows and doors that will let everyone know the system is present.  This system can also come with security cameras placed in very visible locations to make it even more obvious that you have a comprehensive security system.  Burglars who see these features will know that they have a much higher chance of getting caught, so most of them tend to look for other, easier targets that don’t carry the same level of risk.

Your Home Can Be Safe

The features of a security system can be a part of a much more comprehensive effort to keep your home safe.  Even without an alarm, you can make your property a less likely target by installing extra lights that cover the driveway and sidewalks, by installing stronger locks than the standard options that come on most homes, and by keeping your vacation plans private until after you get back.  A security system is an excellent way to complete your home’s security measures.

Security Is An Investment

Many people in Dallas/Fort Worth avoid getting security systems because they see it as a cost they can’t get back.  However, a strong security system offers financial benefits that go beyond your peace of mind.  For instance:

•       Some homeowner’s insurance policies provide discounts to homeowners who install alarm systems.

•       Security is a form of “loss prevention,” which means paying for security can prevent you from losing money in a burglary.

•       A strong security system can be a plus to potential buyers and increase your property value.

Security systems like video surveillance, active monitoring, motion sensors, and electronic locks can all make it much harder for burglars to get inside and make them much more likely to find an easier target somewhere else.  That’s why residents throughout Dallas/Fort Worth are buying systems for their homes.  If you think your security needs an upgrade, contact a security company in your area today.





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