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Window Warning Sign

Even under the COVID-19 lockdown, crime continues to flourish in Dallas-Fort Worth.

We want to keep our customers safe in these times of uncertainty. Please take the time to test your alarm system and print this flyer to put up in a window or door of your home.

SDS is running our best sale ever on an entire camera system for $495 plus tax. This is an easy to self install 2-camera system that runs entirely on Wi-Fi. And if you would prefer to have one of our technicians install the system it is a flat service fee of only $125. No hidden fees, no monthly cost and lifetime US based technical support.

This system gives you the power to protect what you value most. Cameras with sensor sends motion alert push notifications to the completely free HDVision mobile app in real time! This app allows you to view video anywhere, anytime - recorded or live. The cameras feature built-in mic and speaker for two-way audio to give you even more power to protect your home or business.

Check it out, test your system, print out the flyer, and stay safe.

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